Community Nutrition Workshop | Town of Colmar Manor

Community Nutrition Workshop | Town of Colmar Manor


ECO City hosted a Community Nutrition Workshop at Colmar Manor’s Community Center. The presentation focused on key topics of food nutrition: decoding food labels, how to meet daily nutrient requirements, as well as ways to make lifestyle changes. Families, community members, representatives of the Prince George’s County Health Department, and others attended the workshop. In addition, Yolanda Hawthorne and Josephine Chu from Zenful Bites (whom we love!) gave some great tips and recipes for incorporating produce into everyday meals. Thank you to the city of Colmar Manor and Prince Georges’ County for their support!


^ Health consultant Maribel Rodriguez explains the ins and outs of buying fresh and organic produce.


^ ECO intern Josh Nachman gives a presentation on decoding food labels.


^ Fresh fruit and healthy snacks were available for all the workshop attendees.


^  Members of the community, crossing racial, economic and social boundaries attended the workshop.


^ Information on ECO City, healthy eating and community involvement was available on hand in English and Spanish.


^ A real nutrition label used as a worksheet during the conference.


^ Josephine and Yolanda give an impromptu Q&A on food nutrition.


^ Quinoa salad with fresh spinach, nuts, cranberries and more was served at the end of the presentation.