Job Opportunity: ECO City Farms Farmer/Organizer

Job Opportunity: ECO City Farms Farmer/Organizer

ECO City Farms is searching for  a community farmer/food organizer (CFFO) who will work with a team to build the nation’s first Urban Residential Farm at a low-income subsidized housing complex. ECO City Farms in Bladensburg at the Autumn Woods Apartments will model, promote and educate about sustainable food systems, environmental stewardship, community development and access to good food for all. The position requires practical knowledge of agricultural skills and farming experience, combined with strong community organizing, outreach and networking skills, a broad understanding of community food security and a passionate commitment to food justice, community farming and social change. The CFFO focuses on food insecurity, the health consequences of lack of access to healthy food and an inactive lifestyle, and the community, family and individual benefits of healthy eating, active living alternatives.

1. A primary responsibility of this position is to develop and maintain sustained and strategic community engagement around food access issues for Bladensburg residents, particularly those who live in and around the food desert where Autumn Woods Apartments is situated.
2. The CFFO will work in and around the Autumn Woods Apartments with a small team to address the diet-related health inequities of the resident community by creating programs, strategies and campaigns that increase the awareness of the need for, and the access to, healthy foods.
3. CFFO is a member of a collaborative team and part of a community-wide effort to generate a collective and sustained movement that promotes and generates community wellness and healthy food access for all.
4. The CFFO also serves as liaison between other organizations within the community that share similar goals. (S)he will connect community members through the creation and delivery of a range of educational programming, from concept and design through implementation and evaluation.
5. The CFFO will help design, build and support a number of food production projects and facilities, from community gardens to hoop house farm replicating our Edmonston farm at AW.

ECO’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) & collaborates closely with the AW team.
• Earned college degree or high school diploma with some post-secondary education or equivalent learning/training experience;
• At least 2 years experience in some combination of gardening and/or farming plus outreach/education program development, teaching and/or community-based organizing, and/or leadership development;
• Evidence of capacity to work well autonomously and within a team.
• Knowledge of the Port Towns, Prince George’s County, its people, and the surrounding area;
• Strong communication and interpersonal skills—listening, writing, speaking, emailing, strategic thinking;
• Valid MD Driver’s License and regular access to reliable transportation.


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