Food Equity Council

logoThe Food Equity Council seeks to define “food deserts” in Prince George’s County and to create specific policies, practices, ordinances and procedures as well as enabling legislation to permit a variety of approaches that enhance food access in those areas.

Some of the changes we have advocated for are specific to ECO’s work, such as a county zoning amendment that expands zoning in residential and multifamily areas to enable agricultural uses, such as urban farms.

Other proposed changes address critical policy initiatives for food justice and economic development, such as legislation to permit food trucks, kiosks and farm stands – not currently allowed in the County—to sell healthy prepared foods and fresh produce in neighborhoods designated as food deserts.  Other policy initiatives might include:

  • urban agriculture zones for creative uses of public and private land for urban farming and/or small, mid and large-scale urban compost operations;
  • community based approaches to local food systems, economic development, health and other innovative ways to create food sovereignty within neighborhoods;
  • a range of procurement, distribution and marketing strategies and partnerships to grow the urban agriculture economic sector, including aggregation, co-op and food hub models.

To learn more about the Food Equity Council, visit their WEBSITE.