Fall 2013 Urban Farming Class – Recap

Fall 2013 Urban Farming Class – Recap

ECO City partnered with nearby Prince George’s Community College (PGCC) to host the fall Urban Agriculture class. The intensive course – 22 hours held over three days – gave students a broad from composting and seeding, to marketing and building a hoop house. Below are photos from the second day of the course. Christian led the morning and afternoon sessions discussing tools for planting and seeding, planning for the season and marketing. At the end of the session, we split into groups for the Farmers Market game, where we had 20 minutes to harvest produce, create a display, and market the food to the buyers (Benny, Senior Technical Adviser, and Christian, Edmonston’s Farm Manager).


^ ECO intern Walter gets a feel for different tools used on the farm.


^ With the help of the class, Christian makes a list of the pros and cons of farmer’s markets, CSA and wholesale.


^ Julie takes notes during Christian’s lecture.


^ Christian demonstrates tools l used for spacing out seeds.


^ Christian holds worm castings used for a compost tea brewer.


^ We took turns bending metal rods to form the frame of the hoop houses.


^ Walter and Billy harvest dandelion greens for the Farmer’s Market activity.


^ Avery spins salad greens for display in the Farmers Market game.


^ Diane delivers her pitch to Benny for her group in the same Farmers Markets activity.