Farm Field Trips and School Visits

Farm Field Trips and School Visits

ECO farmers have been busy this winter, caring for the farm and sharing its bounty with eager elementary students.  Capitol Hill Day School visited the farm in December for a hands on day of farm education.  They learned all about compost, tasted vegetables from the hoop houses and observed our red wiggler worms in action.

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The farm tour explained the “whys” and hows” of urban farming and was led by the people who actually do the work.  Their passion and commitment was evident and they were excellent teachers.  The compost area and ‘how to’ lesson really explained the process in a scientific, thoughtful, and age appropriate way.  The discussion about soil and its importance put the students’ study of the subject in a larger context and gave a powerful relevance to what they had been learning in school.

~Lisa Sommers, Educational Director, Capitol Hill Day School

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Even when it is too cold for field trips, our farmers visit schools to bring the farm into the classroom.  Crossroads Community Food Network invited Farmer Christian to be their Farmer Presenter for the Crossroads Healthy Eating Program at Piney Branch Elementary School. The lesson was “Get to Know a Local Farmer”. Over the past few weeks, 5th grade students experienced a leafy greens taste test using a sensory evaluation to determine the freshness, aroma, texture, taste and appearance of purple mustard greens, pea sprouts, spinach, arugula and brocollini grown by Christian at ECO City Farms. Students wrote follow-up thank you letters to Christian, explaining that the things they tasted really “awakened their taste buds” and allowed them to try some vegetables they didn’t know they might like.letter2


ECO School Visit 1  ECO School Visit 2  ECO School Visit 3

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