Where We Farm

Where We Farm:

ECO City Farms is deeply rooted in the inner-Beltway communities of Prince George’s County, Maryland. Our multi-hoophouse farm is housed in the town of Edmonston, Maryland. Edmonston is the first municipality in the nation to implement a “Green Street” and one of the four towns along the Anacostia River–the others are  Bladensburg, Colmar Manor and Cottage City–that make up the Port Towns. ECO City Farms is one of the partners working with the Port Towns on a number of initiatives to improve community health and wellness.

Our administrative office is in the adjacent community of Riverdale Park, which also hosts the Riverdale Park Farmers Market where we sell our produce. With other nearby communities such as Hyattsville, Mt. Rainier, University Park, College Park and Takoma Park, these areas make up the core community where we seek to engage and empower people to take control of their food, their environment and their health.

Much of inner-Beltway Prince George’s County, including the Port Towns, can be classified as a food desert, lacking accessible resources for residents to purchase and eat fresh fruits and vegetables, sustainably produced meat and seafood, dairy and other foods without added hormones or antibiotics. There are few places to buy prepared foods made with healthy ingredients and cooked using healthy techniques. But we know the community is ready for change.

An Oasis in a Food Desert

We see our urban farm in the Port Towns as an oasis in this food desert–a viable enterprise that not only produces healthy food, but restores the dignity of farm work and healthy food production in populations where farming may well carry historical stigmas, where quickly produced unhealthy food is otherwise a norm, and where bonding through healthy eating is a lost art. ECO City Farms can be a catalyst for greater awareness of healthy eating and nutrition, as well as new pathways for training and employment in businesses that model healthy eating, active living and environmentally responsible food production.

We look forward to more opportunities to invite our neighbors to be a part of our enterprise in a variety of ways, and to apply the information and strategies they learn through interaction with ECO City Farms to building their own health and, by extension, the health of the community.