Summer Farmer Photo Journal

Summer Farmer Photo Journal

Fresh green beans are a summer staple!

Worms recycle nutrients to build fertile soil. They are a critical part of the farm ecosystem. We currently produce 6,000 lbs of worm castings every month!

Our bees are healthy and happy, we have four hives and harvest honey twice a year. Each hive can contain up to 70,000 bees in the height of summer!

We make compost tea every week to apply to the farm. Different recipies promote bacterial or fungal growth for a healthy and diverse living soil!

Salad mix is a favorite at the farmers market and can be grown year round in a hoophouse

fresh strawberries are a favorite. We grow strawberries in hanging pots inside of the hoophouse and get two harvest per year

Buckwheat cover crops line the perimeter of our farm along the levee as we try to build soil for future perennial rasberries.

We are producing 1kw of power on the farm, providing for all of our electricity needs. Our solar chicken coop/welcome kiosk serves multiple purposes on the farm.

Our baby chicks! A group house in Mt Rainier named Rawberry Ranch are raising 12 baby chickens for us until they are ready to move to the farm. They are Barred Plymouth Rock egg-layers.

We sell every week at Riverdale Park Farmers Market, this is the best and easiest way to get your hands on some of our fresh produce. The market is located less than a mile from the farm and is one of the few local markets that accepts food stamps and WIC.

Our new outdoor kithen has been getting daily use by the youth in our summer Seed to Feed program

Our first Oyster Mushroom pops out! Our mushroom production is still in R&D but we are near ready to scale up Shitake, Oyster, and Wine Cap mushroom production

Sometimes we have suprise appearances at the farm! This Chicken of the Woods edible mushroom was found growing at the base of the 100yr old oak tree that sits near the entrace to the farm. We quickly took this one home and many tasty creations ensued.

Cara Miller, Assistant Farmer Inter and beekeeper harvests our first batch of honey from our 4 hives.

We harvested 4 gallons from one hive this summer and sold out at the Farmers Market in just two weeks! Since we split our hives this spring we did not rob honey from all the hives. We hope to continue expanding up to 10 hives on our site.

The Seed to Feed summer youth program has been experimenting in the kitchen, including harnessing the power of the sun to cook rice, as in the solar cooker!

Youth in our summer Seed to Feed program got to practice cooking with the sun using this excellent solar cooker!

microgreens are popular with our partner chefs. These pea shoots are a healthy, nutritious and tasty addition to any salad!